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Regie: Nicole Vögele
Mit: Chung-Shu Kuo, Li-Jiao Lin

Locarno Festival, Concorso Cineasti del presente

Locarno Festival, Concorso Cineasti del presente: 07 August at 11.00 (PalaCinema Sala 1), 08 August at 16.15 (L’altra Sala), 09 August at 23:00 (PalaCinema Sala 2)

Kinostart: TBA      
Mister Kuo and his wife Misses Lin cook for the city’s sleepless. They work all night and sleep during the day, like many others in buzzing Taipei. Until one morning, riding back from the market, Mr. Kuo takes a different exit on the highway… The film is a cinematographic meditation on in-between moments – a kaleidoscopic journey relying on colours, sensations and the materials of life. An attempt at capturing time, an exercise in just seeing.    

Schweiz, 2018
116 Min.
Version: OVdf
Format: DCP, 1:1,85,
Suisa Nr.: 1012.919